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Adam Bede, written by George Elliot 1859 first published, 550 pages


“Adam Bede” takes us back to a simpler time, early 1800’s English pastoral life, the tale of a small farming community and its people.  That’s all I got cause Im still reading it.  As I said feel free to pick up the book and read it along with me.


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BridesHead Revisted, written by Evelyn Waugh 1945, 423 pages….

Difficulty: Moderate….



The story of a well to do English family and their slow decay in post WWI England told through the eyes of outside family friend Charles ryder.


Although I found the book well written, I found the plot to be rather perturbing listening to the hardships of the rich.  None the less there are some witty moments that brought a smile to my face.

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