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I am dropping a special edition of Groovin’ High tonight to say a sad good bye to yet another entertainer tragically lost before her time.  Just in case you have not heard Amy Winehouse was found dead today at age 27 in her London apartment, most likely as a result of a drug overdose.  Whether a fan of hers or not one has to be a little alarmed when a person of talent, beauty and accomplishment still cannot keep their shit together.  I for one am saddened by the whole ordeal.

Sindia turned me on to Amy Winehouse a few years back on a trip to Australia and since I have rather enjoyed her music. Sure she was a mess, but who isn’t?  When Adrienne left me her tune “My Tears Dry On Their Own” spoke to me.  Addicted is sort of a funny song about how her girl friend’s boy friend keeps coming over her house and smoking all of her weed.  I looked through a ton of different versions, even found one where she was so messed up she could barely stand.  I hate remembering people like that.  In this live version she lays down a confident performance that I think she was happy with.  Amy may you be in a happier place now.

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Since the theme of Groovin’ High these last few weeks has been songs apropos to my current sorry ass situation I thought Tears Dry On Their Own, by Amy Winehouse really fits.  If you have read yesterday’s blog then you finally know whats going on and if you have not then play this tune and give it a perusal.  I know Amy Winehouse is a mess and her music mostly sub par, but like I said it fits my current situation and mood.  I wrote a 2000 word blog yesterday so enjoy the song cause this is all your getting today.

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