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Finger Licking Good

Pear Cobbler

Total Cost:  $5.65
Feeds about 4-6 people

MMMMMMMMMMM Dessert! This weeks recipe D’jour is one of pure indulgence.  Truth be told I wanted to make apple cobbler but I had no apples yet happened to have pears, and as it turns out the pears were going rotten so it was a good thing I had such a whim.


  • 2 ½ cups of peeled sliced pears (I prefer Bosc, but any will do)
  • 1 ½ cups of sugar
  • 4 ounces of butter
  • ¾ cup of flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt
  • ¾ cup of milk
  • 1 egg
  • ½ cup of raisins
  • ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract

Step 1: Preheat oven to 325 degrees F

Step 2: Mix all of your dry ingredients; Sugar, Pears, Flour, Raisins, Baking Powder, Cinnamon, Salt.  At the same time melt the butter in a 2 quart baking pan in oven.

Step 3: Mix Egg, Milk and Vanilla Extract together and pour into bowl with dry ingredients.  Combine all ingredients together till pears are covered in a healthy batter.

Step 4: Pour on top of baking pan with the melted butter, then put into the oven and let it bake at 325 for 50-60 minutes.

Step 5: Eat it!  Serve with ice cream for maximum enjoyment 🙂

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Considering the recent move from Myspace over to Surfing Ruined My Life I began to feel some remorse leaving some of my best writing behind.  So I decided that once a week I will feature a blog from the Lisanti Myspace archives and repost as part of a segment I would like to call “Blast from the Past”.  I will introduce the old blog, maybe give a thought or two on it, some hindsight even?  Let me know if you fancy this idea at all (not that I give a shit either way)

Title: February 2006 In Review
Date of Original posting: 2/28/2006

I love this blog after perusing it again after four years.  It is a perfect example of what a pessimistic Debbie downer I am. I mean my life was not all that bad, but I always wanted to more.  Maybe that is one of my biggest flaws my “Macbeth” like ambition for a title that is not meant to be mine?  It is also funny to think about what a different mindset I was in back then, still with wide eyes and hopes that I could amount to something in the commercial surf world.  I wont take up any more of your time with my finger words, your not stupid and can read it for yourself.  I will add the occasional note in the actual text in red!

February 2006 In Review

Well here we go; since there is like only 20 minutes left in the month of Febuary for the year 2006 I thought it might be apropos to give some what detail of the highlights and despair for this month in my life.  This may be a bit longer then my usual entries but trust me it will be totally worth the ride.

First let me tell you that Feb is a shit month for straight out of the gate cause my birthday is on the 4th.  Now I know this should seem like a good thing but truth be told after 18 its all down hill.  Some may say that 21 is the turning point for which all birthdays will suck after.  The main belief being that you can drink at 21.  Well Ive been drinking since I was 14 years old and was pretty much over it by the time I was 21 any way(at the time I had quit drinking for almost a year).

So This year I turned 25 which is a really shitty age.  Do you know that Kelly Slater already had 3 world titles by this age.  Not to mention that I am now classified as a masters competitor in Amatuer competition basically forcing me to only surf in pro events inorder to keep some semblance of dignity.  For those who dont know the masters division(in the CNJ/ESA) is one heat usually shared with the grand masters where you compete with the same 8 guys who basically pull the usual 3 to the beach format for points stifling any chance of creative surfing.

On my birthday I had to go to this winter Pro-Am contest in the rain on the beach air temp 35 water temp 41 (it was fucking freezing) . The surf was mini Vas conditions with shitty tides and fog.  Somehow I managed to pull off one of the best contest plays of my life winning every heat to the final by a margin of 3 points or better a heat.  Then I clowned the final cause of my whole loser complex (see “Olympic Realizations blog“).  But whatever I won a case of Red Bull which I gave away to a grom (Mike Scheoning, who was my former roommate and now joined the circus) but should have sold on ebay (I have never sold anything successfully on ebay).

As far as waves go Feb was a flat out skunking besides super fun super bowl sunday (check out the pics onwww.surfnjamnj.com)(surfnjamnj.com was the precursor to this site and is now long since defunct) and one really epic day at Jenks.  Luckily I discovered a Skate Park in Moorstown with a 12 foot half pipe to help ease the pain.

Mentally Feb was a tough month for me.  My Hawaii trip that I have been looking foward to all winter long was shot down no longer then a week ago.  I called my boy who lives out there who was all like “yeah cuz you come out to rock and Ill put you up no worries”. Right?!!! The I call him and he is all like back peddling sayin maybe I could stay for like 2 or 3 days and that not to rely on him to get me to some waves.  Great invite next time your back home in dirty Jerze see what kind of hook ups you get from me. “Here on the North Shore we treat our friends MO betta Bra”.(I ended up scoring Costa Rica and California on two separate trips later that winter)

So with no winter training in my sights you can see how bummed I am.  So all I have to look foward to is a Shitty ESA Pro AM at Casino Peir and that Sayreville opens up at night again tomorrow. Not to mention that I cant open up Crazy Chris’ Skate Land (Skate Land was this pipe dream I had thinking I could open and run a successful skate park, there were some potential investors, a business plan was drawn up, but then as usual I got lazy on it) in the old Wonder Bread Factory cause there are too many cross bars in the ceiling.

Overall Febuary gets a 3 out of ten making it thus far the shitiest month of the year.  But At least I got my health.  Truth be told I probaly dont even have that cuase I got this gnarly rash on my neck that is probaly skin cancer slowly killing me for the outside in (it was not skin cancer just an allergic reaction).  We wont get into my hypocondria now though for that can be a topic for another day.  If you dont see me tomorrow it is because I most likely hung myself from my shower curtain rod. (Dont worry I doubt it is strong enough to support my weight plus the length from the ceiling to the floor is only 6 feet. So it will just be another task that I will fail at) (I really did try and hang myself, first from the shower rod then my closet rod breaking both of them, not only did I fail at suicide but I had to fix my shower and my closet, that was a joke please no sympathy “dont kill yourself Chris” messages).

There you have it a bonified blast from the past, speaking of Blast from the past, here is a really fun clip from the movie “Blast From the Past”.

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Book III: The Adventures of David Simple by Sarah Fielding, 1744 first publication, 432 pages.

More British Literature, as much as I hate to say it I find there are few American writers worth reading.  To be completely honest I much enjoy their command of the English language in contrast to Americans.  The Adventures of David Simple takes us back to 18th century London.  The hero as the title suggests David Simple is swindled out of his father’s inheritance by his brother, after being completely disheartened by mankind, he goes of on a quest to find one decent human being to restore his faith in mankind.  Upon finding this “perfect” person he plans to share his fortune with such a character.

Unlike the other two previous book club choices I have only just begun to read this book on page 39.  It’s a fairly easy read and rather well written for enjoyable perusal.  I hope you enjoyed both book one and two.  If you missed book II Within the Hollow Crown although initially put off by the beginning I could not put it down till the last page.  A definite must read.  Click on the links below for the first two installments.  Happy reading.

Book I: Adam Bede
BookII: Within the Hollow Crown

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Welcome to Lisanti Land!

Let me be the first to congratulate us, and by us I mean the Lisanti blog collective of writer (myself), collaborators (you; see UCB link for more info on that) and last yet foremost the readers (you also) with out whom none of this would have ever been possible.  It all started back in February of 2006 I believe (click here for a trip down memory lane http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=57044844&blogId=90556138), back then I was just a blog novice jotting down a string of near incoherent grammatically incompetent sentences.  Over the last four years that little blog went from around 6 hits a day to its golden age, maxing our around 10,000 a week circa 2008.

Since the golden age of this blog hits and readership began to slowly to trail off.  At first I was completely dumbfounded to why I had entered into a dark age of sorts.  My material did not change, if anything the writing got better and the adventures gnarlier. Despite futile efforts the hits kept plummeting.   Not that readership was the reason for writing but as one falling from unacquainted popularity often finds disillusionment to become his only solace.  Then I realized that my demise may not have been of my own making but of the steadily decaying fan base of myspace.com in general.

Scrambling for a chance of survival not ready to go by way of the dinosaur or the American Indian I created a Facebook.com profile considering most of my friends and readers had moved on to the site I long perpetrated a crusade against.  There was not a good infrastructure there for a blog to thrive and I found I still had to resort to using myspace for my blog and Facebook to promote my blogs.  Although being somewhat effective it saved me from extinction still led me on a figurative trail of tears towards an unwanted existence on a reservation in the  middle of the baron internet wastelands.

Something needed to be done fast.  There were many suggestions all pointing to the same end culmination.  I needed to form a stand alone blog website.  Although I possess an information technology certificate with a background in web design (remember HCSP or SurnJam?  me neither cause they were both flops back in 03′ and 04 respectively) it had been years since I had any practical use for the skills most of which have become long since obsolete.   Months passed and nothing was done, instead I whined like a little bitch in the squalor of my steadily failing blog.

Then thanks to two key players, Nick Kiefer who gave me the idea for the web page name surfingruinedmylife.net and an unlikely source, Brendan Buckley launched a blog that was exactly what I needed for my blog.  Not expecting much of an answer I hit him up for information on the steps he took to make it all possible.  Surprisingly he got back to me rather quickly with all the information I needed.  If you enjoy my blog you will love his as well check it out at www.embracethegoose.com or click on the link I have for it on the right of this page.

So here we are I hope you like what I have done with the place.  Its only the humble beginnings of what I aspire to be the reclaiming of my once thriving empire.   Welcome to the virtual Lisanti Land and enjoy.

Alfie thanks you for your time!

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Crazy Chris’ Cabobs

There is nothing more fun and tasty then making Kabobs.  It’s one of my top grill items and the first installment in Recipe D’jour

Estimated time needed: 35 minutes
Estimated total Cost: $12
Feeds 4 people with white rice.


Kabobs precooking


Ingredient List:

1lb of cubed Beef

1 cup of Worcestershire Sauce (try saying that 8 times fast)

1 cup of Balsamic Vinegar

¼ cup of cold water

¼ cup of Dry Sherry

1 tablespoon of Salt

1 tablespoon of Pepper

½ tablespoon of Thyme

1 Green Pepper

½ a Sweet Onion

1 yellow squash

4 large white mushrooms

3 tomatoes

10 Skewers, either metal or Bamboo (if you choose bamboo make sure to soak for 20 minutes in water prior to skewing)

Step 1. Making the Marinade

Combine the Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, cold water, sherry, salt, pepper and thyme in a medium mixing bowl.  Stir accordingly.  Add the cubed beef chunks making sure all pieces are submerged in marinade.  Cover bowl and put into the refrigerator for 12-24 hours.  The longer your meat sits in the marinade the better it will soak up the flavor.

Step 2.  Preparing the Kabobs

Cut up the green pepper, yellow squash, sweet onion, white mushrooms and tomatoes into pieces large enough to fit on your skewers, remember skewed items will shrink, bigger is better in this case.  Arranged the now marinated meat and vegetables to your personal liking.  I try not to duplicate and two ingredients in a row.

Step 3. Cooking the Kabobs

I either BBQ them or Bake my kabobs in the oven.  If your going to BBQ your kabobs warm up your grill and then grill for around 12-15 minutes making sure to turn your skewers constantly

If you choose to bake your kabobs preheat the oven to 425F for around 20-25 minutes.  No matter which method you decide on the key is to not over cook the beef, there is nothing worse then dried out leathery meat.  I serve mine with about a cup and half worth of steamed white rice.

Well there you have it Boun Appetite!

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Well for those of you who are new to this segment feel free to visit “Adam Bede”, Book I and the maiden installment of this fledgling segment I like to call The Lisanti Book Club, click here for that blog: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=57044844&blogId=537760025.

Book II:

With In the Hollow Crown by Margret Cambhell Barnes, 1947 copy write, 302 pages

This historical fiction novel takes us back to England in the late middle ages and her child king Richard the second.  Its funny I feel like our last three books have been slowly going back in British history starting with Brides Head Revisited set in WWI and WWII period England, followed by Book I, Adam Bede set in 18th century England and currently we are back in the middle ages for Book II.  I am about half way through it at this point, sorry I did not get a chance to write of it upon my beginning of the read.  Don’t let that be a deterrent from you picking up the book for it is only 300 pages and a rather easy read in comparison to Adam Bede.  I implore you to either pick it up and catch up to me or read it at your own pace and we will meet up on the next book.

Just in case you missed Book I: Adam Bede I would highly suggest it worth your time.  I found it to be one of the better novels I have yet to read in my day.   Happy reading.

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Before I start this week’s UCB let me first address that fact that I missed last weeks UCB, but given that no one bothered to suggest any topics except for Kooky Kyle who sent me an illegible text message at like 11pm Pacific Standard time, god knows how late it was on the east coast I cant remember if the time difference is three, four or five hours nor do I care all that much either.  I decided that the UCB would not be all that missed by anyone besides myself, maybe I should post more porno links in my blogs I seemed to get a lot hits on that particular blog.  Two run-ons equal a fragment!  Aint my grammar grand?  Fuck the English Language I much rather prefer the scheme I am affectionately calling Lisantbonics.


Anyhow to make up for my blatant disregard for any semblances of a structure to this blog I will offer a make up Triple points blog to be written on Saturday, so get those UCB requests in and remember you can also facebook me your UCB suggestions.  For more explanation of the UCB click here.


Mauriello takes this week’s UCB with a topic he proposed a few weeks ago.  On his last week here in Santa Barbara John witness a classic moment of a crazy Lisanti fit of anger.  It is true I have been able to cut down on the feats of psychotic episodes, but with the lack of surf this summer and increasingly pressing other stressors on my head I must admit my fuse is a bit short these days.  John asked I write on that incident wondering why I did not mention it in any blogs after the whole thing went down.  My initial response was that incidents as such happen on a regular basis for me and most of the time I just don’t even take note of them.


The Caesar Chavez incident….


It all went down on a small little intersection in the industrial district of Santa Barbara at corner of Caesar Chavez St and Gutierrez St.  We were sitting in my car at a stop sign at this faithful intersection when this stupid ass Mexican truck driver attempts to make a left hand turn but failed to compensate for the length of his trailer.  His utter stupidity now had him blocking the intersection and subsequently blocking me in as well considering his truck now blocked all four directions of traffic.


What he needed to do was back up about five feet or so, over turn the intersection thus swinging his trailer behind him instead of perpendicular where it sat at the present.  Instead this buffoon who most likely does not even possess a high school diploma expected me to back up my car about ten feet or so thus allowing him to complete his poorly laid out turn.  Sure I could have easily allowed for this to happen, but my trying patience for stupidity denied my benevolence. He was going to have to backup and atone for his ignorance learning how do his job all the better in the process.


So I sat there and the obstinate fool did too, both of us intently staring at the other thus blocking the intersection for a solid three minutes and a handful of traffic light circulations.  Apparently everyone around who were getting rather uneasy about the newly formed gridlock seemed to think I should yield to this idiot and let everyone get on with their lives.  To me though it was a David and Goliath situation.  I was more then willing to fight the giant and his sympathetic entourage with just my little Saturn.  Shit I did not care if he took the entire front off my car in the process.


John on the other hand was being a little bitch in the passenger seat pleading with me to given in, even trying to forcefully put the car in reverse.  Understanding it was a losing battle on my point and driving an unregistered vehicle I knew at some point the cops were going to show up and I would be opening an entirely different can of worms.  I was not going to succumb with out a few elegantly placed four letter words toward the trucker.


I rolled down my window and yelled, “ How long have you been driving a truck you fucking moron”.  To this my new friend retorted, “How long have you been in a coma”, which did not make all that much sense to me.  This went back and forth for another thirty seconds before I rolled up my window, flipped him the double bird backed up, while flipping him off and then remained there cursing and flipping him off while he drove by.  If I was over being a reserved human being I would have dragged his ass out off the truck and slit his neck open right there on the pavement.  Alas for the days where to men could legally have a duel to the death.  Of course in today’s “civilized” society that is illegal.


For John this was quite the event, for me a usual occurrence.  I believe most of my close friends have had the horrific shock of witnessing similar tantrums.  Im not perfect if I was this blog would not be nearly as colorful and would have even less readers then it already does.  If that is even possible.  I get angry and unfortunately I have years of pent up rage and frustration and when I have one of these anger attacks all of those incidents of myself being wronged by others rush to my brain and kick off such episodes of vehemence.


Personally Im not proud of these moments and feel rather bad about them afterwards, sure they make for a great laugh and story but not for Chris Lisanti at his greatest.  You know what Im tired of being a mediocre person.  I want to be someone people look up to with reverie.  Its about time I live up the persona I have created for myself and that is why I don’t usual write on such incidents cause I know I could have handled them better and don’t wont others to emulate such behavior, but if these acts teach self control as a parable in a very hypocritical way it was more then worth the humility of writing.

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Adam Bede, written by George Elliot 1859 first published, 550 pages


“Adam Bede” takes us back to a simpler time, early 1800’s English pastoral life, the tale of a small farming community and its people.  That’s all I got cause Im still reading it.  As I said feel free to pick up the book and read it along with me.


Previous Reading:….


BridesHead Revisted, written by Evelyn Waugh 1945, 423 pages….

Difficulty: Moderate….



The story of a well to do English family and their slow decay in post WWI England told through the eyes of outside family friend Charles ryder.


Although I found the book well written, I found the plot to be rather perturbing listening to the hardships of the rich.  None the less there are some witty moments that brought a smile to my face.

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