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This is one of those bittersweet tales that usually plague my life and I guess life in general. Usually I get the bitter end of the tale. The story I am about to convey is one of the rare occasions where I found mostly sweetness, although there was a bit of sour in it, as you will read.  So sit back and enjoy a tale of yet another night at Wild Cat where anything can happen.

I woke this morning exhausted with a bit of a head headache, damn tequila shots.  One thing was for sure I was not ready to put on my coat and slave in front of a hot grill for eight hours, but tis the life of a lowly cook.  Adding injury to insult the damn cats, probably Alfie in an attempt to get Mustafa to leave him alone flipped the litter box over and scattered dirty cat litter all over the bathroom floor.  And strangely next to it was my friend Devin’s wet boxers and socks, while he was passed out apparently butt naked on my fold out couch?!!!?

Of course this is what I should be greeted with hung over and with barely fifteen minutes to get to work, which I had already anticipated being late for.  I cleaned it up as best I could in the time allotted and went to work, half way there I burst out laughing.  Something hit me as I was passing State St. on the 101. I remembered that I found $100 dollars out side of Wild Cat the previous night.

That’s right One Hundred Fucking Smackers, A C NOTE!!!!!!  The funny thing was I did not even want to go out.  I was exhausted and kind of thinking about snagging the incoming tide at Sand Bar or Hammonds before work, but a very persuasive Devin (ok all he did was call me to see if we were going out) talked me into it.  We got out late as usual and as a result had to wait on line.  I hate waiting on line to go to a dump that I have been drinking at for years just because it some how has become the it place downtown.

We were standing there talking to this odd looking possibly Mexican or some type of Latin chick and here short fat stubby little friend, who was out for her 22nd birthday.  Fatty was suppose to be a make up artist by trade.  She must work for the circus because with the way she did herself up she looked like a fucking clown.  I had to keep pinching my thighs in my pants pockets to keep from bursting out laughing.  Devin was trying to work the other one.  Over it I started spacing out looking down at the ground.

I noticed a crumpled up piece of paper that looked like a bill of some denomination.  Not drawing any attention to myself I stepped on it with my foot and dragged it over to me.  I looked to see if anyone was looking around to which no body was and then nonchalantly bent down in a vain attempt to tie my lace less loafers, picked up the bill and stealthily put it in my pocket.  I mean whoever lost that cash was obviously wasted and a lot better off then me financially if he is going out with hundreds in his pocket.  If someone at that moment started claiming the lost the money I would have certainly handed it over, but Im sure the unfortunate soul was already in the club and too drunk or stupid to notice.

Devin and I got in the club for a $7 cover thanks a lot Amber for pretending to not remember me you bitch (Amber is the cover charge girl/cocktail waitress at Wild Cat.  My old roommate and good buddy Brennan had a thing for her and would always buy drinks from her in search of an opening to ask her out.  But its hard to pick up bar staff cause they are constantly being hit on and accosted by creeps so their guard is always up, but picking up bar staff and Brennan’s brief and fruitless Amber infatuation are entire blogs by themselves and not to be covered here.).  Once inside I reach into my pocket to see what I found and low and behold in my hand was a $100 bill.  Well it was right up to the bar for us.

You see there is something about standing at the bare waving a 100 in the air that gets the bar tenders attention.  Most nights it takes a few minutes for me to get drinks, but not this night.  She came right up when she saw I was with Ben Franklin.  Then it was Patron shots and mixed drinks for us, and a healthy tip for her as well.  After all it was not my money, easy come easy go.  The rest of the night was pretty uneventful I played a few games of pool with some random forty year old guy, but we were missing both the nine ball and the que ball while Devin was off doing his own thing since I could not find him for that duration.

Then I dance floored it where Devin and I reunited till last call.  It was the only night I went downtown with ten dollars in my pocket and came home with over seventy.  To who ever lost that money it could not have gotten in the hands of a more appreciative party.  Better luck next time bud.

Chit ching!

Benjamin Franklin

Me and my boy Benny F conferring.

I wounder if this guy found all those bills on the Wild Cat Line too?

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