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As of September 21st we concluded the summer quarter of the UCB Season.  This could only mean one thing: the last and final chapter is upon us.  The fall quarter.  The fall quarter will run from this up coming week all the way till the week of December 21st.  At this point it is up in the air who our year end champ will be.  We for the first time ever in the history of the UCB (History, ha its only been happening for like three or four years) have a different champion all three quarters.  That brings us to the task at hand crowning this quarter’s king.

For starters It was a thrilling UCB race this time around.  Thanks to the new Power of Ten Segment and the occasional bonus point incentives things were very close coming down to the wire.  Ultimately it was John Mauriello who takes the cake or in this case the chicken dinner. Actually he is not getting any dinner.  John lived with me last summer and has enjoyed my splendid Lisanti Land meals some which included chicken dinners.  If you check out the Recipe D’Jour section of this blog there are at least four chicken recipes that will allow anyone to cook their own splendid chicken dinner.  John if you want your chicken dinner feel free to find your way down to the Barb and I will gladly slaughter the fated calf, or in this case chicken for you.

The Winner’s Circle:
John Mauriello: 5 points
Nick the Kook: 4 points
Scotty B: 3.5 points
Kooky Kyle: 2.5 points
Nick Kiefer: 1 point

Once again thank you everyone who suggested topics.  I think by far this was one of the most exciting UCB quarters yet and it was my pleasure to write on all the topics suggested.  There were plenty of weeks where I was torn on what to pick.  If you suggested something last quarter that I did not write.  Re-post it this quarter cause I may have lost it in the mix.  Remember its October now so get your Power or Ten lists in before the end of next week.  Its worth double points and as always the first UCB of the quarter is worth 1.5 points. Get to work.  If you have not suggested a topic yet don’t be scared I wont bite although I may publicity ridicule here at surfingruinedmylife.net, but what is life with out a good old fashioned Lisanti vindictiveness for absolutely no reason at all?

Your Champ for the quarter throwing a killer tail free reo. I wonder if he was thinking about UCB topics while pulling this turn?

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