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By now you have noticed there have not been any new blogs here or even surflog updates since Friday.  I would like to just plain blame it on laziness as usual, but that unfortunately is not the case.  Actually in a round about way laziness did help to cause my woes.  And as always surfing did help too.  I did not pull the name of this website out of hat people.  My mind is rather cloudy right now and emotionally Im hurting pretty bad.

Im caught in a rather ambiguous situation at the moment the result of which either way will mean a major life style change for yours truly.  Im not going to get into any details at the moment because like I said things are up in the air for the time being and I just need to stay positive and keep on keeping on.  All I can say is that your support and understanding in the matter of not having as much SurfingRuinedMyLife.net entertainment will be greatly appreciated.

I had this wonderful garden that I grew and enjoyed the fruits of for a long time.  Then I got really busy in my life and began to neglect this amazing garden of mine.  Except I did not  neglect it in the sense that I left it alone entirely.  Instead I kept picking all the fruit and vegetables, selfishly enjoying the yield without the toil.  With that kind of care it is not long before your garden begins to wither and die.

Being the oblivious bone head I normally am I came onto the problem a bit late.  Now Im putting 100% of my efforts into saving may garden, which I believe or hope still has some life in it yet and can be nourished back to its once beautiful self with lusciously flowing branches, crisp green leaves and the ripest vegetables in existence.  I think if I can save my garden it will be all the stronger from here on out and I know I for one will never let it get to the state of disrepair I have.  Im watering and trimming and toiling all with the aspirations of having back what once was and more.  At this point all I can do is wait and see.

Whatever the outcome one thing I can say for sure is that it has been a refreshingly humbling experience.  Despite how I portray my character Chris Lisanti is always in need of improvement.  Sometimes I improve very rapidly then all of a sudden regress.  Maybe that is natural for humans, I dont know.  This whole scenario has allowed me to do a ton of thinking about who I am, who I was and who eventually I want to be.  I know I have wrote all this before, but I really do want to be a great man, an honorable man.  I want to be looked up to for my good deeds and actions and not because I did a big air or got a deep barrel.  I dont want to be the man because I can chug a 40 oz and then wake up in a puddle of my own vomit in the morning.  Lastly I dont want to be recognized by the number of women I have had sex with.

So thats all I have to leave you with for now.  I promise as soon as my life has some concrete answers about which direction I am to head in you will be the first to know.  One thing I will promise is either way, however painful the reality may be I will persevere and  when all is said and done reinvent just the kind of person Chris Lisanti is.

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