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I was not going to write a  blog tonight but then I figured it would be the last blog of the year and felt I ought to write something in celebration, New Years Eve being my favorite holiday of the year and all.  I used get pretty gnarly on this wonderful night of drunken celebration, this year especially since it is bringing us just a year shy of the end of the world.  Now I would like to say that I am going to party all night and wake up in a puddle of my own piss and vomit.

Unfortunately that is most likely not going to happen considering Im in South Florida visiting my parents , have a 8am flight back to SB in the morning and dont really know where the scene would be here or even if there is one.  All probability really points to me getting trashed and walking to the weak looking sports bar across the street for the bells, before retiring home.  Whatever, I party like its New Years Eve on a Monday sometimes.  My time will come.

I thought I would take a moment to write the last UCB of 2010 and the winter quarter.  Now this is not the double points blog.  There was no topic suitable for such accolade so I canned it once again.  Kooky Kyle wins sending in his request via text message last night and though not official I think he has taken the quarter as well.  He asked me what I want to be remembered for after I die.

This was a thought provoking question.  I spend most of my brain power mulling over stupid shit yet this topic never really came up.  Well after a shit Florida wind chop surf session (see the surf log for more on that) that gave me plenty of time to consider the topic here is what I found. 

First off I want everyone to remember what an asshole I am.  I know funerals and remembrance always makes even Hilter look like a great guy in death, but lets not forget some of my weaker moments.  The fact that if you invite me to a party at your house I will show up with atleast ten of my friends and we are more times then not going to wreck the place.  I will sleep with your girl friend if she gives me the opportunity, most likely your mother, sister and grandmother as well.  I dont have a great grasp on the word “wrong”. 

Remember that I was there for you.  No, I definitely missed the wedding you had me as the best man for because I got drunk the night before missing my flight.  Yeah if you need me for something on a certain date odds are I will flake on it.  But when your darkest hour of necessity comes and there is no one else to help Chris Lisanti will get your back.

Lastly I had a great mother fucking time.  There is no doubt about it when I get into the ground it will be after a life well lived.  My whole life since I was born has been about fun.  Sure I bitch all the time, thats what I do.  Im a whiner.  The bare truth is I ring every last drop out of every second of every day I am breathing.  That my friends is what I want to be remembered for and what I want everyone else to emulate.

Happy New Year

This is exactly how I want to remembered right here!

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