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This weeks Blast from the past is from the rather recent past, March of 2010, but being that I quoted it in Groovin’ High I felt it prudent to repost the blog here at SurfingRuinedMyLife.net as opposed to just linking the Myspace since I am trying to eradicate that link all together.  This was originally a UCB requested by none other then Kooky Kyle on my thoughts about time travel.  As always anything in red I added to the blog for this most recent posting.

This week’s UCB is won by Kooky Kyle despite my irate feelings towards him for not showing up to his scheduled Chris Lisanti Adventure Tour and subsequently causing me to miss an all expense paid trip to Costa Rica (for more on this you will have to wait for this week’s week in review blog) the kid still manages to throw down some of the best and most frequent submissions of topics. Him not coming out to SB was his loss anyway Im sure it was much more fun for him to sit around Wrightsville with his thumb up his ass on spring break instead of running wild in Santa Barbara. I was planning on banning Kooky from my home here for life, but then he put down a healthy deposit on a J7 for me thus rightfully atoning for his impetuousness. Ironically the board ended up being to robust for me forcing me to sell it Mauriello for a deal and a half. Kooky asked if Doc Brown showed up in the Flux capacitor laden Delorean and offered me the keys to car when and where would I travel to in the many folds of the time travel nexus or maybe I would just settle for a time traveling phone booth and George Carlin (props if you know what I am referencing in this last part).

To be honest as enticing as time travel is the complexity, dangers to humanity, damage to the time space continuum and overall responsibility involved is way to much for me. If we are based in a single universe time travel is impossible as a direct result to causality. Say you travel back in time and prevent your own personal conception, then you would have never existed to travel back in time in the first place. Yet if you wish to think of the possibility to the existence of an infinite number of universes as proposed through quantum physics stating that for every situation encounter each possible outcome is played out thus splitting that one instance into as many sub-universes as possible and then those will branch off and so on and so forth making an infinite number of universes existing at the same moment. In this case then you would be able to travel in time and prevent your own personal existence cause it would only be in on possible universe that would not exist.

If the latter example then technically are you really traveling in time or just another out come of your original decision to travel through time in the first place and then what is the actual reality of the world you have traveled too? Lost yet. Time travel is pretty fucking complicated. That is just the little inkling of research that I have done on the topic over the years considering it is a topic that has captivated me since I was young.

Science aside lets for arguments sake go against the above idea of multiple dimensions and look at time travel in the pure Hollywood sense of things. Using “Back to the Future” for example where you type the date and time in and are then transported in that very spot to whatever time you plot.  If you were to do this haven’t you already drastically changed the course of history? We don’t really know how very little change can eventually kick off a catastrophic event. Look at a fist size rock for example sitting on the edge of a cliff. Maybe when your time machine lands and taps that rock over the cliff. That rock hits into other rocks, which hit other rocks and next thing you know you have landslide.

Once you step out of that time machine you have already changed history. How drastic completely depends on circumstance. Then what future would you be going back to if you could even get there? Our universe is wholly based upon causality and the cause and effect to the time travel that we speak of may take a heavier toll then we can even imagine. The whole business is a little too much for my feeble brain to get a handle on. Sorry but I think I will keep my feet firmly planted here in 2010 and hope that humans never decide to travel in time, although if we are going with the universe based on causality then time travel could have already happen and this is the result? The whole the thing is an endless web of mind fuck.

Doc Brown Says it all right there.

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