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I first heard this song in the sick and twisted yet hilarious Tom Green master piece Freddy Got Fingered briefly before Tom Green gets his cock sucked by a paralyzed girl after fiercely caning her (if you have not experienced this film I must insist you do immediately).  I always wondered what song it was but too lazy to bother figuring it out from the credits I just put it out of mind like everything else I would like to know, or do but can’t be bothered.  Every time I would watch the film it would make me want to find out the title of the song.  Then I heard it on the radio out here in SB about a year ago and got the name of the song and the band then down loaded it!!! Score! Another item checked off the ridiculously long Lisanti mental check list.  Man I should really write a blog about that some day.  Some one request that as a UCB I can almost guarantee you will win since I gave the topic to you.  Then again since no one bothers to check this section I suppose it will never be.  Any how the video is pretty funny.  There are few things in life more entertaining then drag queens except maybe men in banana hammocks dancing in cages.  Luckily for you both are quite prevalent in this vid.

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