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After a brief reprieve Kooky Kyle climbs back into the limelight with this week’s UCB win.  He asked for my thoughts on aliens, not people from other countries living in the United States but extra terrestrial beings from Space.  He wanted to know if I thought they exist and if they have visited earth.

I must write that I am a realist in most of my beliefs and that I don’t really have much strong inkling in the supernatural on a whole.  I don’t feel strongly either way about the presence of a god, but will consider myself an agnostic.  I don’t obsess of ghosts yet wont put the possibility of their existence completely out of my mind.  The existence of aliens falls into similar respects to the previous two categories, although I think out of the three it is the one I feel the most strongly about.

Yes I do believe that there are or were other beings out in space.  If one was to just go by the pure mathematical probability of their existence a sensible person could not rule out the possibility that life exists outside of Earth.  There are billions of planets, galaxies, etc out there in space.  Their numbers are infinite.

Now knowing that fact can one really sit there and say that Earth is the only planet in the entire universe and so forth that is able to sustain life?  That’s impossible; some where out there Im sure there are others.  Of course the issue is where, when and how far.  We can be pretty sure that in our immediate solar system there is no life or at least life in such as us considering the climate and make up of the other planets.

Then when one looks at solar systems and galaxies light years away well the possibility of life becomes more probable.  How far away are we talking?  Light years, billions of light years?  Whatever the case we are talking about places too far away for us to reach under our current situation of reasoning.  Also maybe life did exist in other places but had died out.

Our own planet has a dead line.  At some point our sun is going to burn out making sustainable life on Earth impossible.  Evidence has been found on both Mars and a moon off Jupiter of the possibility that life once existed there.  For me its not a question of if aliens exist but more of when and how far.

For these reasons I think the possibility of us actually making contact is slim to none.  Our ability to travel light years successfully is far far away.  I would say a hundred years or better if we can manage to keep a stable world economy to allow for such progress to happen.  I don’t see us ever having the technology to make such travel a reality.

If there are alien life forms out there who have developed the technology to travel such distances I would think either they would want nothing to do with us deciding that the inhabitants of Earth are too simple to be bothered with or would decided to show up and mow us down with their superior technology.  Hopefully the former and not the latter is the case.

Could extra terrestrials have already visited Earth?  That is a possibility as well.  If for instance an entire race of people existed some hundred of light years away and they reached the sophistication of such travel then they may have already reached Earth some hundreds of years ago.  Many primitive cultures such as the Egyptians and Mayans certainly had similar beliefs in a higher power and both also built pyramids that are somewhat a mystery to us of their construction.  Both had a highly advanced understanding of math and science as well that was far beyond their time of reasoning and comprehension.

Did aliens come down and teach these primitive peoples a thing or two and even live amongst them? It certainly although rather far fetched is not out of the question.  It is a bit of a coincidence that two races of people living far apart from each other on different sides of the globe built very similar structures during the same time period.  Shit maybe aliens are living with us right now and we don’t even know it.

So are aliens real? Do they visit us?  I think its very plausible but at this time Im still not going to commit to any side of the issue.  I personally like to believe that there are others out there.  It just does not make logical sense that we are the only planet that has or had sustained life.   


The Aliens Have Landed!


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