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Protos Eye Wear

Recently I was up in San Francisco for one of my usual jaunts, a vacation from my vacation so to speak, kicking it with my boy John Mauriello (for the fun behind that trip click here).  If your a regular reader of this blog then you have come across more then tale of the crazy character he is and our ridiculous antics together.   My good friend Devin once put  it frankly after hanging  out with us for 24 hours straight “I need to go home and get away from you guys.  No offense I think your both really awesome people but when you get together its intolerable.  The pair of you is enough to drive a sane man crazy.”  I implore any reader out there except for West and Kooky Kyle (cause they are out of their minds too, the four of us together has never happened, that is a force to be reckoned with.  Shit that meeting could accidentally lead to the end of the world.) to come out here and spend a weekend with Mauriello and I and test the endurance of your patience.

John and I on another SF excursion years ago

John and I on another SF excursion years ago for that adventure check this out and then use the bread crumbs to follow along with the subsequent parts of the story.

While I was up there he pulled out this pair of eye wear frames unlike anything I have ever seen before.   It was as if he had just stepped out of the Delorean with a trail flames behind the car holding the coolest pair of shades I had ever seen.  Made of a highly break resistant space age material, quality frames and a 3D printing manufacturing process that will allow its wearer to custom fit each frame to his/her face I surely thought the dude had found away to make time travel possible.  I was also a bit pissed of that, A: he embarked on a journey to the future with out me and, B: all he brought back was a pair of sunglasses.

I was about the beat his ass when he mentioned he designed them and had a hand in the company.  All I thought he did day in and day out was sit around making doodles in his note book and eating cereal.  Turns out the kid has skill.   Since then he has teamed up with another friend of mine Marc Levinson and a few others to create PROTOS EYEWEAR.  Although they have been designing and producing glasses on a small scale the past few years these guys are ready to take it to the next stage.  In order to make that happen they need your help.
Protos EyeWear2Don’t take my word for it.  Why not read the words out of the horse’s mouth or pen.  Here is what John Mauriello has to say about his en devour:

” Protos Eyewear is a company that I’ve been working on for well over two years. We’ve created a simple way of purchasing the perfect pair of eyeglasses/sunglasses made to order. In a crowdfunding campaign launched Monday, we have released a brand new line of 24 eyewear frames, along with our styling/custom fit service. We need your help in order to raise the funds to develop a web-app for our advanced custom fitting algorithm. In exchange for your contribution, we’ll be offering our glasses and a few of our other products at a highly discounted price. Our company has a rare synergy between technology, fashion, and design.

The newest addition to the Protos Eyewear line is a service that allows a customer to order a customized pair of glasses. When ordering, the customer answers a few questions and uploads two photos of their face. From there, Protos’ software is able recommend basic frame styles based on the customer’s personality, face shape and other facial features. The chosen frame design is then altered to fit and 3D printed to order.
Protos EyeWear3

With 3D printing abuzz in the news lately, Protos has applied the technology in a way that everyone can get excited about. Though many have claimed to do so, they are one of only a small handful of 3D printing companies that have created something refined enough to truly be sold as a usable, lasting product. Protos spent years working with manufacturers to develop proprietary materials and production processes that actually exceed the quality of more traditional materials used in eyewear.

These frames don’t just fit well, they also flatter the wearer. Protos’ core team includes professional designers who have a deep understanding of microtrends in the fashion world. This knowledge allows Protos to develop highly resolved designs that range from classic to current, all of which are timeless. The team also includes a certified optician with decades of experience styling celebrities and consulting with world-class eyewear brands including Tom Ford, Prada and Oliver Peoples. His knowledge of frame design and how eyewear should fit on faces has been integrated into the way the Protos software works.
Protos EyeWear4


Good design is core to Protos’ philosophy and process. We has an outstanding commitment to quality control, from form language to materiality and surface finish. Most tech companies build a technology, then try to skin it with something that looks good. With Protos, every aspect of the design and user experience has been considered from the moment product development begins. We know that good design is as much about how something works as it is about how it looks. Protos’ customers are not consumers, they are discerning clients who are interested in receiving excellent service. All custom fit frames are reviewed by designers before and after they are printed. They continue to work with the customer until the frames look amazing.

Eyewear is just the beginning for Protos. We are focused on meaningful applications for 3D printing and are focused on executing them well. The goal is to open an entire world of consumer grade 3D printed products meant for discerning end users. ”

Wow talk about educational, informative and en vogue.  Thanks for those amazing words John and an amazing product.  Those of you who read here regularly know I rarely pimp products or anything for that matter.  I certainly don’t give a forum for anything I don’t personally believe in.  Protos is some quality shit right here and these guys are giving everyone an opportunity to get involved on the ground level and help bring an amazing innovation that will change eye wear as we know it to fruition.

Visit their web page today at ProtosEyeWear.com and help make a good idea become grand.  The future is now, no Delorean necessary.  Every dollar helps and these guys claim they are willing do one push up each for every buck earned.  Mauriello was looking a little soft last time I saw him and could use the muscle tone from a good spell of push ups.  I will throw in an incentive of my own: throw down a $1000 bucks or more and I will let you come spend a weekend out here in Santa Barbara, 48 hours in Fancytown with Bizarro and I.  You probably won’t remember a thing but I promise to have someone around sober enough to take fun photos like  this one:

Now tell me you don't wish you were in this picture.  Give $1000 bucks or more to Protos and this dream scenario could be a reality!

Now tell me you don’t wish you were in this picture. Give $1000 bucks or more to Protos and this dream scenario could be a reality!

Seriously at least give the guys a $1.  Even my cheap, broke ass did that.   So check them out. PROTOSEYEWEAR.COM

Protos EyeWear5

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Kooky Kyle after taking a brief UCB winner vacation quit sleeping on the job and claimed what I believe to be his fourth victory this quarter (it may be third I don’t really know, don’t ever count them till the end).  He asked if I have had any good dreams lately or if I dream at all.  This question pertaining to latent dreams of course as far as future dreams go I have given up on those altogether.

Truth be told I don’t have too many dreams at all or at least those I can remember.  Science claims that the human subconscious dreams pretty much the entire time we are in REM State and through out most of the night as well.  I have the long term memory of a chicken and the short term memory of a cat thus making me pretty much a step above being retarded.  If can barely remember anything while Im awake how can I possibly be able to remember what goes on while Im in slumber land?

Here are some typical dreams I do remember because they have been reoccurring in one form or another.  The foremost is car crash dreams.  I don’t know why but I always have dreams where I have been in a car crash, caused a car crash or just witnessed one happening but in most cases I am involved in the cause of the crash.  Dream analysts claim that such dreams are symbolic of how our psyche feels about what it is experiencing in waking life.  This makes sense considering my life has pretty much been a 29 year train wreck.

While we are on the car crash dream subject I would like to relay a pretty entertaining dream I had a week ago or so: John Mauriello and I worked for a Starbucks here in Santa Barbara, but our job there was to make sandwiches and cook lunch items.  We were shitty employees always coming in late, leaving early and mostly slaking off while there.  Our boss, the owner was this stingy Indian guy (when I say Indian I mean a person from India and not the tepee building ones) who always wore sweater vests and thought he was cool cause he loved hip-hop.  John and I also rented a garage apartment in his house.

The guy hated us but for whatever reason he did not fire us.  One day my old roommate Cory Kiesel showed up at our apartment in a white jacked up ford F-350 pick up truck telling us we had to go with him to the SB airport to pick up Rapper Heavy D and that him and Heavy D were going to LA to cut an album together.  We picked up Heavy D all blinged out with a grill, chains and fixings that go along with that description and headed back to the apartment.  Upon pulling into the apartment the breaks failed and we drove right into the living room of the house.

At first my boss was furious but when Heavy D stepped out into his living room dude was all chill.  Then over dinner he worked out a deal to manage the Cory/Heavy D act. Damn crafty Indians.  I think the dream went on from there but that is all I can remember.

Another set of dreams I experience regularly are falling dreams.  Apparently these dreams represent a sense of failure or feeling of inferiority.  Falling dreams can also represent a feeling of being overwhelmed or that your life is out of control.  Wow Im a mess.

I also on a regular basis have dreams about drowning as well.  Not really about drowning while surfing, just drowning in general.  Usually when one of these occurs I wake up gasping for air and sweating.   Turns out Drowning dreams represent a feeling of being overwhelmed or that you are feeling threatened.

Sometimes after a hard day at work I go to sleep and dream Im still there.  Like when I first started making pizzas at Westmont that entire week I dreamed of nothing but making pizzas all night long.  I have always had dreams that I was still at work even though I was home sleeping in my bed.

I occasionally have strong sexual dreams some so vivid that I actual wake up wondering if I had sex (no Im not talking about black outs).  Sexual dreams can symbolize the obvious or also occur at times when one needs a certain release from pent up tension.  I guess Im a basket case when one takes the time to analyze my dreams or the few that I can remember.  I can only imagine the shit I conjure up that I don’t recall.  Well fuck dreams maybe that is why Im an insomniac.  I’ll sleep when Im dead.

I dont know what kind of dream this would symbolize????!!!?

Im sure Heavy D knows whats up.

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