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Yeah thats right, start the spring quarter off on the right foot with 2 extra bounus Points!!!!!!!  Spring is a short quarter ending on June 1st so every point counts in this race for the grand prize, a dirty used condom soiled by none other then Chris Lisanti!!!! Dont forget whoever has the most total points at the end of the year wins the self expense trip to Lisanti Land, Santa Barbara California for your own personal Chris Lisanti Adventure tout.  Wow I used my name a lot of times in the first few sentences of the blog.  How much more narcissistic can a person get???

Here is what you have to do.  Yesterday I posted a blog about my recent plumbing woes and wrote that I had a similar problem back in 2009.  I think it was around September or October to be precise.  There were two or three Myspace blogs posted about said incident.  Here is the challenge. Go back to the myspace blog by using this link here http://www.myspace.com/yellowstag/blog and find in my archives the blogs that subsequently go along with them.  Paste the blogs all of the text that goes with them in the comments here.  I will give out one point for each blog that had to do with the spill.  If Im wrong and there is only one blog about the incident then you will get two points but Im pretty sure there are like three of them.  Please copy and paste the link as well in your comment.  Copy and paste the link for the actual blog and not just the list.  Thanks and good searching.

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