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Book VI: Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens, First Published in 1861, 442 Pages

Believe it or not I have never read Great Expectations apparently everyone else has back in high school yet none I have spoken to can remember much about it.  It seems to me to read a work and have it beyond one’s recall is rather sad, but who am I to judge.  Other ingenious commentators expressed their thoughts in the form of “Isnt that a really old book”?  Idiocracy aside Charles Dickens is an author I have  not read all that much of.  I just began this one and am only on page 35 so feel free to join in the fun of literacy.

Summary of Book V: Wuthering Heights

So going into this book I did not know what to expect considering the book jacket deemed it as one of the greatest love stories ever.  As it turned out the tale was one of anger, revenge and hatred, three of my favorite themes.  It may just be one of the best vengeful plot novels I have ever read.  I would say it is a must read for everyone.  You think Im a despicable human being the main character has me beat by a million.

Here is an artist rendering of Dickens. What a crazy beard.

This has nothing to do with Charles Dickens at all but I found it ever so amusing.

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Book V: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, First Published 1847, 320 pages

After a brief foray into American Literature we will take a turn back into British Lit with Wuthering Heights. This novel is considered by many to be one of the greatest romantic stories ever written.  At the time of publication Bronte was highly criticized for writing it on subject matter ahead of its time.  She died only a year after the publishing of the book.  I just started this one today and at my current rate of finishing you should have no problem keeping up.

Summary of Book IV: The Morgesons by Elizabeth Stoddard

When I first picked this one up I did not know what to think having very little foresight on the author, but she was highly acclaimed so I figured what could it hurt especially at 50 cents.  For the first hundred pages or so the novel was fairly slow going and truthfully if it was not for my “The Captain goes down with the ship” attitude I probably would have put it down.  Soon after though the story and the characters begin to take shape.  Upon completion of the book I believe that the characters and their interaction with one another may have been more the focus then the actual story itself.  Whatever the case everyone is rather peculiar making it more then worth a read.

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