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I will tell you, Kooky Kyle, who apparently stormed another quarter of the UCB taking I believe every single one the entire 2010 year.  Kooky has dominated.  Well one thing can be said for sure the kid is good at coming up with blog topics.  Maybe he should start his own blog.  I would like to say that there is some sort of prize for this great accomplishment (ok its probably on par with taking a big shit), but there is not, except for the pure satisfaction of winning, which my friends there is no sweeter prize on earth (bull shit I want Money!!!!).

Congratulations Kooky Kyle for being awesome on SurfingRuinedMyLife.net.  I would also like to thank everyone that submitted entries. With out your input this blog would not be nearly as much fun.  Right now its a barrel of laughs with just me writing, but when you add the UCB feed back it becomes a barrel of laughs tossed in with a barrel of monkeys and that my friends is a mother fucking boss ass good time.  Wow that last sentence was boat load of gibberish.

Here is the break down of points for the Fall 2010 Quarter:

1st: Kooky Kyle – 8 points
2nd: Nick The Kook – 3.5 points
3rd: John Mauriello – 3 points
4th: Devin – 2 points

Salutations to all who’s names got on the board.  Those of you who did not thanks for playing anyway.  Remember you cant win if you dont play.  If your unclear about what the UCB is or how points are accumulated feel free to check it out by clicking the UCB tab at the top right hand corner of the screen or click here.  No submissions are turned away, no matter how small, dumb or serious.  There are no small submissions only small submitters.

Here is a perfect example of what happens when you cross a barrel of monkeys with a barrel of laughs.

The big winner, Kooky Kyle himself having his own barrel of fun all to himself. Maybe whatever is in that bucket he is drinking from is the magic potion for coming up with great UCB topics?

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