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Fuck grammer!   Im mother fucking over it.  Grammar, just in case you thought I did not know how to spell it right, the misspell was put in to prove my point.   Truthfully its not Grammar as a whole that makes me angry, no.  Its those little lines used to show possession or conjunctions, apostrophes.  Why should I have to put one after the “n” in cant, can’t.  I mean every fucking English speaking person knows what I mean.  Doesnt, oh wait Im sorry “Doesn’t” and while Im at it “I’m” too.  Its (It’s) madness all the extra key strokes it takes to properly use those half penis symbols.   Keeping this blog afloat takes up enough of my time as it is.  If I have to add all those extra key strokes as a result of apostrophes its not going to work.  Its your choice HowsurfingruinedMyLife.net or apostrophes.

But guess what; its not your choice at all because this is Lisanti Land and I dont give a fuck about you.  That being the case there will be no apostrophes here and I may just give up on commas too since I have just about had it with them.  If my lack of use of apostrophes makes your time here not pleasurable then you can just find some other form of entertainment.   May I suggest masturbation. It always entertains me when Im bored and even when Im not.  Sometimes I even go in the bathroom and masturbate after sex, but Im also not fit to live amongst mankind.


Its people like this that are the problem. Damn Grammar psychos

Apostrophes are evil the less we use them less havoc they can create.

I think I may be the cause of the deaths of a lot of kittens.

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