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What can I say about Aaliyah?  Another great artist taken from this world far beyond her time.  Killed in a plane crash in 2001 at the tender age of twenty two.  She was a beautiful talented individual whose loss was deeply felt through out the world.  4 Page Letter is off of her album One in a Million.  The song itself really speaks to me.  A few years ago I was working a dead end job at a gas station, where surprisingly I only got paid a buck less an hour to do less then half the amount of work I do now.  Go figure.  But hey being a chef is a respectable job right?  I get paid to cut shit up into different arranged pieces all day and make sure food does not burn in an oven.  Its not all that complicated folks.

Back in the days of the gas station the only channel the radio we had behind the counter would get was the local hip hop one that basically played the same sixty songs on loop.  In the course of eight hours I got to hear everything at least twice, everyday.  You think with all the fucking songs out there in existence we could get some variety on the radio.  Alas the promotional and marking people need to sell, sell, sell!

4 Page Letter was one of those songs that came on at least once a shift and I did not mind at all.  I have written a few of these letters in my life.  Three to be exact.  The movies lead on to believe all you should have to write is one.  I guess I have not figured out how to word one correctly yet.  The first one worked quite well actually, but logistically we were doomed before even getting off the ground.

The second one I deep down inside knew was a lost cause, but did it anyway cause I am a romantic fool like that.  The third I was rather sure of an adverse outcome as well.  Like I always say “you miss 100% of the pitches you don’t swing at”.  My friends one thing you count on when it comes to Chris Lisati is that I will always no matter how bad the odds against me go down swinging.  Hey maybe the forth time will be the charm, or maybe I wont ever have to write a letter at all cause she will just get me as I am.

I think there is something to be said for having the ability to put such emotions down on paper and give it to someone else.  Opening up yourself to so much vulnerability.  I mean once its out there on cold hard paper there is no taking it back.  Your heart and soul put out there.  I have always found love letters to be things off great beauty in any form.  There was a time before phones, internet, text messaging and convenient travel  when all people had were letters.  Sometimes couples would write to one another for months or years with out any other contact then such letters.  Could you imagine how joyous a reunion between those two intertwined souls must have been after months of sharing intimate letters?

While you listen to this song think about that and the power of the written word when it comes straight from the heart.


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Ten years ago yesterday a shit ton of people died over a cultural misunderstanding and a long standing grudge.  Unfortunately the body count from that incident is still rising.  Humans are so fucked up.  I balled my eyes out crying that morning as I watched the towers burn on my television. It made no sense to me at all at the time and still doesn’t. I have a copy of time magazine on the incident a few weeks after that is like 200 pages with all sorts of stories.  I get choked up every time I look at it.

I was back east recently and got a glimpse of the slowly rising freedom tower.  To me the New York sky line will always be missing something, no matter how glorious the new structure may be.  Some blame Osama and Islam, others the US Government.  I blame humanity.  We have been casualties of each others hatred since the beginning of time.  The only difference is we have gotten more efficient at killing.

The more things change the more they stay the same…….

A friend once asked me why I decided to stop participating in society.  I simply replied that I created Lisanti Land because I was tired of being fed everyone else’s bull shit.  At least in my fantasy land I put on my rose colored glasses and see what I ever I wish.  A painted veil after all can do no harm to the wearer.  People take a look around you, things are not right with the world around us.  Maybe they have never been.

I would like to believe this is the worst catastrophe I will live to see, but I fear that I would be just lying to myself.

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