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I don’t really know what is going on the with the weather this year but in the last two weeks I found myself right smack in the middle to rather unusual weather phenomena.  Last week I was home in California just starting my cozy little three week winter break vacation.  Friday the 17th was my last day and also what became the start of a six day monsoonal like rains and wind. When all was said and done, over 28 inches of rain later, the warm sunny California weather I moved there for returned. Conveniently the morning I had to catch a flight for cold dismal New Jersey.


It was not so bad; the storm brought fun waves and light crowds thanks to a combination of shitty weather and near toxic water quality.  Sure it would have been fun to enjoy some sun and out doorsy type adventures before traveling to frigid weather that would for sure have me cooped up inside, but tis how things work out at times.  I caught my plane and headed back east for the Holiday’s.


Christmas was fun.  I realized I like my family when I only see then once a year.  Nostalgia is always great in small doses. Went out Christmas night visited with some old friends, got faded (see Ohh that Nick the Kook blog), who could ask for more.  So far so good.  I had other visits and odd ends to tie up in the remaining two days I would be in town for.  The trip was a quick smash and grab job.  The smaller the increment the more likely I am to come back to this shit hole.


Then the mother fucking snow came.  A little taste of snow I though might be cool.  Its been years since I have seen snow.  Maybe one inch or so, that could have been festive even.  21” fucking inches!!!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me, one of the biggest blizzards in New Jersey history.  What are odds?   In Lisanti Land I guess pretty fricken good.


My back injury finally worked in my favor for a change allowing me to slink out of any shoveling and there was a ton of it my friends.  Not only was there the drive way but since the town neglected paving the streets (as it turns out two out of the three plows possessed broke down in an vain attempt at clearing the night before) my parents in earnest to get out to the airport tomorrow decided to shovel the street as well.  Ironically the plow came by a few hours later.  Patience is a virtue my friends.


As it stands now looks like Im on a plane to Florida at 10 am tomorrow as planned. Time will tell how that goes. The last time I was in New Jersey I lacerated my foot to the bone on a knee high wave and vowed never to come back.  Two years later I give the place a second chance and it dumps more snow on me then I have ever seen in my life.  New Jersey I get the point, you don’t want me here.  Don’t worry I don’t have any plans to come back soon.


If I missed anyone on this visit Im truly sorry.  I was very eager to catch up with so many different people.  The sand in the hourglass has just about dropped.  Maybe some other time, can’t tell you when that may be.  Those of you whom I missed and you know who you are will always be welcome to visit out west where we may get earth quakes, wild fires, crazy mud slides and toxic water, but one thing I can guarantee is that there wont be any snow, unless you want to go find some.  And anyone who has come out can attest there will always be good times.

My sister Val standing next to a five foot high snow drift.

Those black things in the background are cars buried up their roves in the street

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