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Spring has come and gone and with it another quarter of the UCB.  There were I believe three blogs written and two “Power of Ten’s”.  There should have been more, would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve.  I don’t really give shit’ve.  I feel although the quantity on here has become sparse the quality has more then made up for it.  If you want quantity I do write in the surf log everyday and at times that is more interesting then what I write here.  There are still plenty of laughs, rants and insanity as we have grown so accustomed to.  You should all be happy for me that I am out living life instead of spending all my time writing about it.

Yeah you got me. I’m usually just too drunk the majority of the time to formulate a coherent sentence.  I should have Alfie start writing his own column, put him on the keys and let him go to town.  In all seriousness I have been pretty busy with my new job, surfing, music, my garden, cooking and adventuring.  Shoot that last San Francisco Blog I wrote a few days ago was like 20,000 words or something obnoxious like that.  If that is not effort I don’t know what is.  Once again it was a rather lame UCB quarter with only three real participants.  Shame on all of you who don’t participate.  If I got more suggestions I may write more.

Here are the winner stats for Spring:

Kooky Kyle takes the cake once again winning his second quarter of the year.  Its true I am going send him a cake in the mail.  Its most likely going to be melted when he gets it since it is an ice cream cake and I am sending it US standard ground. Congratulations Kooky your working on your next self expense paid trip to the Lisanti Palace!! Oh yeah and enjoy your melted cake courtesy of Rob Machado in Loose Change (extra UCB point if you explain what I am referring to.  Put your answer in the comments).

1st Place: Kooky Kyle – 5.5pts
2nd Place tie:  DanaRepublic – 3pts
2nd Place tie: Mauriello – 3pts


Yep I’m an idiot…WWWHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTT! So get those “Power of Ten” lists in for July and your UCB submissions as well.  Whhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooot!

Got a problem with the UCB. Make a giant cardboard sign and go hang out with these guys. If you do it and take a picture and send it to me. I will give you five UCB points. You must have a two people each one holding the above signs and then yourself holding a sign that says “Chris Lisanti Ruined My Life”. Do It Now!

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The winter quarter of the UCB came to an end as of April 1st.  Let me be the first to congratulate everyone on a job well done.  It was a very tight race this quarter coming down to a mere half point.  Those half points seem pretty silly, but they do add up.  We had a double points blog courtesy of John Mauriello (There is Something About Shuttle Cocks).  Kooky Kyle took advantage of the UCB Grand Prize, a self expense paid trip to Santa Barbara to spend a week in Lisanti Land you can read about his adventures in Kooky Kyle’s Lisanti Adventure Tour.

Its been a ton of fun as always, but enough of my wordy bull shit, after all you have to put up with that everyday.  Lets get on to the winners.  Remember this is only the first quarter of the year there are still three more to go.  So if you did not win this time around you got three more tries.

1st Place: Kooky Kyle with 5.5 points
2nd Place: John Mauriello with 5 points
=3rd Nick the Kook with 2 points
=3rd Brennan with 2 points

If you did not win but got points on the board dont sweat it cause the year end title this year will be determined by most accumulated points rather then most quarters won as has been done in the past.  Get those topics flowing in and take Kooky Kyle down for a change.  The promises to buy a round of drinks at the Wild Cat for who ever beats him.  That round will be three Adios  Mother Fuckers that will ensure a shit show of a night.  I will even sweeten the deal with an authentic Chris Lisanti used condom…Yummy!

Its feels good to be a champion

For winning the winter quarter Kooky gets one crazy night with these two lovelies

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